Beginner Piano Course !

The Beginner Course is an all encompassing journey through the 1st level of playing the piano. Each weekly lesson flows seamlessly into the next so that you constantly build on what you just learned. This course will teach you how to read music, play by ear, and most important will help you truly learn the joys and wonder of playing the piano! View the course curriculum below!

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    • 1 New Video Lesson Per Week!
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Course Curriculum


Course Materials

The Preliminaries

Creating a Schedule

Learning to Practice

One Last Thing

Lesson 1

Becoming Comfortable With Your Body at the Piano

Mapping Out The Keys

Lesson 2

And Just Like That You're Reading Music!

Chapter 1 Review

Lesson 3

Lesson 1: Let's Read Some More, But With the Left Hand

Lesson 4

Bringing It All Together!

Lesson 5

It's called an interval!

Chapter 2 Review

Lesson 6

But First, More Intervals

Lesson 7

The Anatomy of A Chord

Lesson 8

Becoming Dynamic!

Chapter 3 Review

Lesson 9

Don't Fight The G Chord

Lesson 10

Ties & Slurs

Lesson 11

You Gotta Feel the 3/4

Chapter 4 Review

Lesson 12

Give me an F...Chord!

Lesson 13

Cross your Fingers

Lesson 14

Some more About Dynamics

Chapter 5 Review

Lesson 15

Welcome to the G-Position

Lesson 16

The Thing That Looks Like A Hashtag

Lesson 17

Chords are Getting Easier

Chapter 6 Review

Lesson 18

It's called an 8th Note, Not a Really Fast Note

Lesson 19

Flats, The Story of the Lowercase b

Chapter 7 Review

Lesson 24

Your Very First Scale