Preschool Piano !

The Children’s Piano Course is a one-of-a-kind learning experience at the piano for children ages 3 and up! The course follows Jonny Keys as he ventures through the world of piano. In this interactive course, kids will learn about their finger numbers, the black and white keys, how to count rhythms, and so much more. Each lesson contains an original song meant to inspire and spark the imagination of the child. Included with each weeks lessons are printable worksheets that include coloring, tracing, matching, and plenty of other fun activities that help your child learn so many other valuable skills aside from the piano! 

Lots of Fun!

Jonny Keys is a natural around children with music. His voice and music is captivating and fun for both boys and girls!

Highly Interactive!

All lessons are extremely interactive and easy for children to follow. Although it's encouraged for parents to join in, children are highly capable of doing each lesson on their own.



Jonny Keys shows everyone how fun and rewarding piano can be. Early on, the focus is always on the learning process, not the result!


7 day free trial then $34.99/month


  • 1 New Piano Lesson Per Week
  • 1 Play-a-long Original Song Per Week
  • Downloadable/Printable Activities (includes coloring, tracing, matching, and other preschool skills)
  • FREE Access to Live Jam Sessions with Jonny Keys
  • Customer support via email and telephone
  • 1 FREE Private Virtual Lesson Per Month ($30 Value)

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Meeting the Piano

Intro to Lesson 1 (Parents Only)

Jonny Meets The Piano (Kids & Parents)

Piano Activities for Week 1 (Parents Only) *FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS*

Week 2: The Highs and Lows

Intro to Week 2 (Parents Only)

The Highs and Lows (Kids & Parents)

Piano Activities for Week 2 (Parents Only) *FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS*

Week 3: Two Three Two

Intro to Week 3 (Parents Only)

Two Three Two (Kids & Parents)

Piano Activities for Week 3 (Parents Only) *FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS*

Week 4: The Finger Song

Intro to Week 4 (Parents Only)

The Finger Song (Kids & Parents)

Piano Activities for Week 4 (Parents Only) *FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS*

Week 5: Meeting Father Time

Intro to Week 5 (Parents Only)

Jonny Meets Father Time (Kids & Parents)

Piano Activities for Week 5 (Parents Only) *FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS*

Week 6: The Quarter Note

Intro to Week 6 (Parents Only)

The Quarter Note (Kids & Parents)

Piano Activities for Week 6 (Parents Only)

Week 7: The Half Note

Intro to Week 7 (Parents Only)

The Half Note (Kids & Parents)

Piano Activities for Week 7 (Parents Only)

Episode 8

Intro to Week 8 (Parents Only)

The Whole Note (Kids + Parents)

Outro to Week 8 (Parents Only)