The courses run similar to any online course. Each lesson is a prerecorded lecture that teaches a new concept as well as supplies exercises and pieces to go along with that lesson’s concept. Although you won’t be able to ask any questions during the lesson, I am always available by email or telephone. And all courses come with 1 free virtual private session per month!

The suggested age is between 3 and 6. But I’ve had children as young as 2 years old take this course and see tremendous benefits out of it. I don’t believe a child can be too young (or too old) to learn music. But it is always up to the parents to decide when they feel their child is ready. Not sure if your child is ready? Contact Jon to schedule a free virtual consultation!


I get this question all the time and the quick answer is yes. But you do not need a grand piano. Any size keyboard will work. Need some recommendations? Email me through the contact page and I will help you find the right keyboard for you and your budget! I work with some of the largest online music retailers who allow you to finance at keyboard at 0% interest for as low as $15/month!


Right now, the course is only available online through Digital Piano School’s website. You can access it through your phone or tablet as well. If you are interested in purchasing the course on DVD, please contact me directly.


All monthly subscription courses come with a 14-Day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. Simply email or call me to get the refund processed.