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Jon is an amazing teacher. He knows exactly what I need as a beginner and his lessons are geared just right. I highly recommend Jon.


Jon is an amazing teacher! He is so patient, answers questions and teaches at a student’s level. He demonstrates and explains everything. He encourages and challenges his students. I have loved every lesson with Jon at Digital Piano School.


I’m a 60 year old who has been taking private lessons with Jon for about 5 months. He is so patient and encouraging! He listens to what your goals are, and always teaches with a positive attitude. I feel that he wants to see me succeed as much as I do. That says a lot!


Took the Adult Piano course and it was great! I had played a little bit before but felt I needed a fresh start and this was exactly it. Jon’s approach to teaching is so refreshing. He makes concepts easy and is always giving great advice and analogies to really make sure you understand what you are doing. Would highly recommend!!


Private Virtual Lessons!

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Private Lessons are the most personalized way to learn piano. With private lessons, you and I will meet face to face through Zoom 1x per week. Each week, I will teach you pieces, exercises, music theory, and any songs or things you would like to learn. Schedule your first lesson free with the link below. I accept players of any age and level!

11 reviews for Private Virtual Lessons!

  1. Don L.

    “Jon is a skilled professional and great teacher, driven by his passion and talent for music. With his expert guidance, you learn and appreciate the importance of foundational skills. The foundation he helps you build is the groundwork that enables students to progress to any level and style. I’ve worked with Jon in both private lessons and through his online course. Both have helped me progress and paved the way for me to explore multiple instruments, genres, and production skills. Perhaps most important of all, Jon is a great communicator and treats each student as a unique individual.” – Don L.

  2. Sam S.

    “Jon is an amazing teacher. He knows exactly what I need as a beginner and his lessons are geared just right. I highly recommend Jon.” – Sam S.

  3. Shayne H.

    “Jon is the best, most informative piano teacher. I would really recommend that anyone at any age take lessons from him. The material he chooses for his students is really inspiring and fun. His teaching style is very easy to understand.” – Shayne H.

  4. Alison S.

    “Jon has simply been an amazing piano instructor for our two sons and daughter. As anyone knows, being a good piano player does not automatically make you a good teacher, but Jon has been able to identify the right style of instruction and has re-ignited our child’s passion for playing more so than anyone else he has learned from. Every lesson is fun and engaging, and it is an absolute joy to listen to our son develop his talent right before our eyes and ears. The passion and enthusiasm are evident every time he gathers the family around to listen to what he just learned from Jon that day! I would recommend Jon to anyone who has struggled to find an instructor with a flexible and adaptive teaching style to keep your child excited and engaged” – Alison S.

  5. Sue M.

    Jon is a very talented, experienced piano player and teacher. I have had lessons for almost 16 weeks now. He has a positive and encouraging teaching style. He works well with students of all ages. I am 63 and my grand daughter 10 yrs of age is now enjoying lessons with Jon as well. He also takes time to help you before or after lessons if you have questions etc. I would highly recommend him and I feel so fortunate my grand daughter and I have found this amazing piano teacher.

  6. Andrea E.

    Jon deserves 5 stars as he’s very knowledgeable and professional when dealing with queries from me. He constantly shares his vast knowledge and I’m always looking forward to my classes. Highly recommended.

  7. Joseph K.

    Jon answers your questions clearly and helps you overcome the hurdles of learning piano he will give you practice sheets every week and everyone will have a chance to play the piano and get feedback of all the online classes Digital Piano School is the best value and will have you playing quickly

  8. Debbie C.

    I have just taken my first free 30-minute private piano lesson from Jon and it was fantastic. He has a lot of smart tips and advice that will ultimately guarantee your progress. I highly appreciate the effort and time he gives to his learners and the dedication that goes with it.😁👍

  9. Courtney T.

    My daughter just turned 4 and has always enjoyed music. We started piano lessons with Jon at Digital Piano School about a month ago and she’s really enjoying the introduction to the piano! He’s very engaging and makes it fun for her to learn all about the piano! He also provides online lessons that have been awesome and reinforce what she’s learning in her private lessons. I highly recommend his services!

  10. Madiha M.

    Jon is a great teacher. I have taken some lessons with him and found him friendly, patient and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended for students of all levels who want to steadily progress in a fun and encouraging environment!

  11. Helen B.

    I started taking piano lessons with Jon Schneider when he was still a student at NYU in New York City and now that he’s based in LA our lessons are virtual. In person and online his love of the piano and teaching it is as enthusiastic, patient and kind as ever. He’s a great musician and his passion for his instrument and the process of learning it is infectious! He takes an extremely open-minded approach with a wide range of music styles to share with all ages and levels. Highly recommended!

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