“I had the Great honor of getting Jon going in piano and theory and he advanced to become the very best I ever have worked with. He then went on to NYU and only went Way Beyond anything that I could have taught him. I can vouch for the fact that anybody signing up for this school we'll get the very best in training and carefully prepared lessons to help each person realize the potential that is available in all of us. After being a piano teacher for 50 years, Jon has my highest endorsement!”
“Digital Piano School has truly exceeded all expectations I had in terms of the quality of the course. We are able to go at our own pace, and it is exciting to know I will be able to take the skills the course is teaching with me for the rest of my life, with piano being a hobby I can enjoy for years to come. I am beyond pleased with my decision to give piano a try, and would recommend to anyone and everyone Digital Piano School as the first step towards learning the piano.”
Miami, FL
“My 4 year old daughter loves her lessons! She even remembers all the different things she learned in the prior lessons. She loves to dance and play along with the original songs of each new episode and absolutely loves to have her once a month Virtual session with Jonny Keys!”
Los Angeles, CA
“Jon has a fresh bright approach to teaching. it is not flat or boring or rote. You will learn but you will embrace the beauty and power of music at the same time. Highly recommend him as a teacher.”
Los Angeles, CA
“My daughter absolute loves Jonny Keys and his songs. So happy to see her enjoying playing piano at just 4 years old!”
“Jon is a patient, informative, positive, and dedicated teacher. He cares about making sure his students understand the theory behind playing the piano and that they are playing confidently. I always walk away excited for my next lesson!”
Brooklyn, NY
My kids are loving this program with the catchy songs, fun lessons and activities, teaching the beginnings of what the piano is and how the sounds are made! We play the lessons over and over!.
Gina L
My 4 year old grandson just loves this program and makes us play the lessons over and over again and each time he goes to the piano, it makes sense to him. He doesn't just go and bang on the keys anymore but tries to apply what he has learned in the lesson.
Barbara M.