4 Biggest Benefits of Kids Learning Piano Before Age 6!

I’m sure you are aware that kids learning piano provides tremendous benefits. But what exactly are the benefits? And how will it help your child continue to grow as they get older? Aren’t music lessons expensive?

Well, I will answer all of the questions for you. First, let’s start with the benefits:

1) Creativity & Self-Expression

Most teachers will discuss the academic benefits first, but I believe this is really the #1 benefit of your child learning piano at a young age.

By giving your child a creative outlet such as piano, they are learning to create, imagine, and discover. With this, they develop their abilities to solve problems and think outside-the-box!

Beyond that, your child will have a safe environment to freely express themselves that can last them throughout their life!

2) Confidence

Once again, the academic benefits are great and all, but I believe this one fits strongly at #2.

Confidence is something we all strive for, at any age. And by learning the piano, your child is understanding mastery and completion. Every new concept requires practice. By constantly being challenged by new concepts and pieces to play, your child will develop their passion for working towards something and being rewarded by improvement. And this feeling will help them gain confidence as they take on new tasks in life!

This skill can carry them through school as they start to realize the enjoyment of the learning process rather than the result!

3) Improved Language Skills

Language skills are important. There is no doubt about it. Learning to read, write, and speak any language requires brain power firing on all cylinders.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that music is indeed a language!

By learning to read, play, and understand music, your child is improving the part of the brain that is responsible for language skills!

As a matter of fact, a study in the early 1990s discovered the “Mozart effect” in children, which showed early language development and spatial-temporal intelligence could be boosted by keyboard lessons for kids under 6 years old!

4) Improved Counting, Math Skills, & Pattern Recognition

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, music is very mathematical. Well, it is. However, it mostly involves counting letters rather than numbers and being able to recognize patterns.

The piano is very mathematically organized. It is a group of 12 notes that repeats over and over again. And each group of 12 notes can be easily divided by the pattern of 2 & 3 black keys (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVZ2qDdY6Jk)

So by learning piano, your child will develop their abilities to recognize patterns. Music revolves around the concept of patterns and patterns is one the key components of math skills!

That sounds great and all but…

Lessons are expensive, what can I do?

Piano is now becoming more affordable than ever. You can finance keyboards for as low as $15/month. And as virtual learning continues to grow, learning piano will become more affordable!

My Online Preschool & Kindergarten Piano Course is only $35/Month which includes 1 new course lesson every week (4 per month) as well as 1 free private virtual session. Most teachers charge $35 for a 30 minute lesson!

If you would like more info on my course or myself, feel free to check my website at www.DigitalPianoSchool.com where you can reach out to me with any questions!