Jon Schneider

Jon Schneider is a pianist and composer in Los Angeles, providing piano instruction to students of all ages, both in person and online. 

His interest in piano and music composition began at the age of five–initially inspired by his mother, whose dedication to the instrument and daily practice instilled in him a desire to play. He began formal training at the age of eight, and at 14, he encountered a teacher who encouraged him to pursue his talent for writing, composing, and producing his own music–a passion he now shares with others through teaching.

While earning his Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition from NYU, Jon began teaching piano lessons to underprivileged children in NYC. Through this experience, he realized that music could help people in all areas of life, and from then on, it became his higher purpose. 

Though his early musical influences were classical, his exposure to the jazz greats his father loved, and the music his older siblings listened to, sparked a lifelong fascination for many different styles and genres. As a teacher, this experience has helped him connect with students of diverse backgrounds and interests, allowing him to customize the learning experience to their preferences and keeping them motivated to learn more. 

In addition to teaching, Jon is a composer whose work includes the hit YouTube kids show Job Jams, for which he won a local Emmy Award, and more than 400 episodes for Pray.com, the #1 app for prayer and biblical audio. As a producer, his credits include Grammy Award-winning artist Lil Yachty and many others. 

Jon launched Digital Piano School in 2020 and has since amassed over 100,000 followers from 30 countries on YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

 Jon’s ultimate vision is to turn Digital Piano School into a global non-profit platform to offer lessons online so that anyone with an internet connection and a piano or keyboard can learn to play. The fact that music is considered an extracurricular in school rather than a mandatory subject adds fuel to Jon’s fire. He believes that learning an instrument is just as important as academics, as it helps people develop confidence, think creatively, solve problems, be more empathetic, and freely access the wellspring of joy that is within us all. 

When Jon isn’t teaching the world to play piano, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife, his family,  and his dog, Winston. 


Emmy Award Winner

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Bachelor's of Music Degree from New York University

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