Adult Level 1: Piano Fundamentals Course

New to the piano and ready to start right away?

Then this course is just for you.

This hybrid style course will give you the best of both worlds:

Structured Video Lessons so you can go at your own pace.

Private Lessons Once a month to help personalize your learning experience (private lessons are through Zoom).

Through these various video lessons, you will learn all of the fundamental skills such as; Sight Reading, Technique, Music Theory, Playing By Ear, as well as learning to play songs!

Each lesson progresses gradually in order so you’ll never fall behind.

Structured Lessons

Structured Lessons so that you never fall behind

1 on 1 Instruction

1 on 1 Instruction for a custom learning experience

Quizzes & Practice

Quizzes & Practice Material with every lesson

Included with your subscription:

  • Structured Piano Lessons!
  • Printable Sheet Music with every lesson!
  • Extra Practice Materials, Quizzes, and Resources with every lesson!
  • Monthly Private Lesson
  • Access to Buy Exclusive Courses
  • Access to Digital Piano School Community
  • Email Support

This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.

Preschool & Pre-K Piano Course (Ages 2-6)

This course is a one-of-a-kind learning experience for parents and children (recommended ages 2-6) to learn the piano together.

Come follow Jonny Keys as he ventures through the world of learning piano. In this highly engaging and interactive course, you and your child will get to learn the fundamentals of playing the piano.

Some key takeaways for your kids; How to Count & Play Different Rhythmic Patterns, The Name & Location of the Notes on the Piano, How to Number and Use Each Finger on the Piano, Play Songs, and much more!

Each lesson contains a fun original song designed to inspire and spark the imagination of the child to help recap what was learned in that lesson.

By learning piano together with your child, you will create an everlasting connection with them at the piano and inspire them to continue their journey at the piano for years to come!

Structured Lessons

Structured piano lessons designed for young children

Printable Worksheets

Help your child improve other life skills such as tracing, coloring, and much more as there are worksheets with every lesson!

Early Musical Training

Early musical training shapes children's growing brains and boosts their learning power

Included with your purchase:

  • 12 Structured Piano Lessons!
  • 20 Instructional videos for parents!
  • Printable Worksheets with every lesson!
  • Access to Buy Exclusive Courses
  • Access to Digital Piano School Community
  • Email Support

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are best for those looking for a fully customized learning experience at the piano with a consistent schedule!

You will get to learn piano completely at your own pace with your goals and interests first in mind. And with weekly 1 on 1 instruction, you are able to receive constant feedback and guidance on your playing so you can progress each week.

We offer private lessons both in person at your own home, or online via Zoom. Please contact us directly for our current availability and to see which option will best fit your needs.

1 on 1 Instruction

With 1 on 1 instruction, your lessons are customized just for you!


Online lessons can be recorded and sent to you at no additional cost so you can review all your previous lessons!


Whether online or in the comfort of your own home, our lessons are convenient for you so there is no travel time.

Please contact us directly for pricing and availability.

Group Piano Class

This hybrid course is perfect place for self leaners at the piano. learners who are on a budget but still want access to live classes, practice material, and personal guidance from an instructor.

Our live classes include lessons, song tutorials, theory lectures, Q&A’s, and much more! All of our classes are designed so players of all skill levels can benefit.

If there is ever a class you cannot attend, don’t worry. Every class is recorded and uploaded within 24 hours of the live class so you can rewatch the class anytime, anywhere.

Live Classes

New classes every month!

Practice Material

Practice material with every lesson so you always have something to work on


All Classes are recorded and stored in your own personal account to access anytime!

Included with your subscription:

  • Access to Live Classes
  • Recordings of All Classes
  • Printable Class Files
  • Extra Practice Materials & Resources for All Classes
  • Exclusive Access to Courses
  • Exclusive Access to Digital Piano School Community
  • Email Support with Instructor

This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.

Level 1: Chopin Course

Dive into the world of Romanticism and strengthen your skills at the piano by learning intermediate arranged piano music from one of the world’s most renowned composers, Frederic Chopin!

This course is a perfect for those who have just completed the Level 1: Piano Fundamentals Course and are ready to use their new skills to dive into Classical Music.

All lessons in this course include video tutorials, downloadable sheet music, and much more!

After completing this course, you will have improved your sight reading, technique, expression, hand independence, and much more!

Learn Classics

Learn 5 classics from one of the worlds greatest composers


Enhance your sight reading, expression, and technique


Enrollment in this course requires completion of Level 1: Piano Fundamentals Course

Included with your Purchase:

  • 5 Chopin Pieces with increasing difficulty in each lesson.
  • Printable Sheet Music with every lesson.
  • Access to Digital Piano School Community
  • Email Support

Interested in private lessons online or in person? Contact me directly for our pricing and availability!