Preschool & Pre-K Piano Course (Ages 2-6)

This course is a one-of-a-kind learning experience for parents and children to learn the piano together.

Come follow Jonny Keys as he ventures through the world of learning piano. In this highly engaging and interactive course, you and your child will get to learn the fundamentals of playing the piano.

Some key takeaways for your kids:

  • How to Count & Play Different Rhythmic Patterns
  • The Name & Location of the Notes on the Piano
  • How to Number and Use Each Finger on the Piano
  • Play Songs

Each lesson contains an original song designed to inspire and spark the imagination of the child to help recap what was learned in that lesson.

By learning piano together with your child, you will create an everlasting connection with them at the piano and inspire them to continue their journey at the piano for years to come!

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